Daniel Heppner

I like anything with wires and code.
I study electricity at Western Washington University.
When I'm feeling creative I take pictures.

About Me

I'm currently studying electrical engineering, which I've always had a passion for. My free time is filled with various projects, which I talk about on my YouTube channel.

I write a lot of code. People ask why I'm not a CS major. Projects usually go up on my GitHub, but mostly for my own reference, so it's not super organized. I also do freelance web development. (email me if you need a website!)

When I get inspired I also like to get my camera out. I *usually* put my pictures on Flickr.

Read My Blog

...if I ever get around to making one.

Until then,
check me out on YouTube

Contact Me

Drop me an email if you want to contact me, whatever the reason may be!

[email protected]